Home? What’s that? Briar spent her entire life on the road, moving from town to town. She got by taking odd jobs, some less savory than others, or performing for a night’s bed and food. People are her stock in trade: her keen understanding of their attitudes, behaviors, and desires keeps her employed and alive. When things go bad, it’s time for her to move on to the next town. Survival has always been her first priority, and she has become quite good at it.

As a child, she spent the majority of her days either on the road or performing odd jobs and running errands for her elders. She put any talents she had to work for her just to get by and perhaps earn a little food or a few spare coins. She turned to crime when things became desperate. She grew up in an orphanage and ran away as soon as her legs would take her.

Moving from the life of a scrounging drifter to that of an adventurer was easy for Briar. The skills she learned on the roads, alleys, and taprooms of the world proved useful. Seeking shelter from a storm, she entered a cave that turned out to be a monster’s lair. She managed to slay the beast and saved its prisoner. The prisoner was a ranking member of the Order of Illumination.

Now, Briar adventurers not for herself, but for the Order as a Shadowbane stalker. She is charged with the mission of seeking out evil wherever it hides. While she is loyal to the Order she does miss the freedom her drifter days gave her. She also knows the comfort having the ability to call upon the Order for a Shadowbane Inquisitors provides.


Heredis scion