From the earliest age he can remember, Dayereth was a servant in the army of his lord. He drilled to march, he drilled to fight, and he even drilled to bathe and eat. Every waking moment was utilized to its maximum potential, and he kept moving with one purpose or another as long as daylight lasted. Learning to fight, cleaning weapons and armor, and taking care fo the cavalry’s steeds were only a few of the tasks that greeted him each day. No task assigned was meaningless or trivial, and all of them could be accomplished with a sense of honor and pride in knowing that he served an organization whose purpose was much larger than himself. As a child he spent his days cleaning. Everything needed to be cleaned twice a day, from pots and pans to the horses’ bridles to his quarters and sleeping mat. Everything was checked and rechecked to make sure it was tended properly. As he grew older, his responsibilities also grew. He was set to repairing practice dummies, patching uniforms, and (when fortune favored him) exercising the horses. Additionally, as he continued to grow older and taller he began to train with various weapons, becoming skilled in their use through almost constant repetition and practice.

Dayereth’s unit was decimated in battle leaving him aimless and alone. This past still haunts him. His unit’s old enemies still seek him and some of his comrades (wrongfully) blame him for the defeat. Dayereth knows that his unit’s destruction was no accident of war. Someone wants him and his old comrades dead, and that individual has the ways and means to hunt them down one by one.

Dayereth serves the Order of Illumination. His single-minded devotion to the eradication of evil and his superior ability to execute this goal quickly led him down the path of a Shadowbane Inquisitor. He adventures (crusades) to further the goals of the Order, which are of personal importance to him. The normal motivations for adventuring – wealth, power, fame, personal betterment, excitement – hold scant appeal for him. He is happiest when he is directly serving his Order.


Heredis scion