Vondal Augustus "Stonewall" Lotharan


Born among the people, Vondal was raised by the members of his extended family, all of whom participated in his upbringing to one extent or another. His mother taught him the ways of herbs, his grandfather taught him of the past, his father taught him to speak firmly and his grandmother gave him the faith of Moradin. Everyone had his or her place at home, and Augustus experienced times of both joy and sorrow with all his kin.

As a child, activities changed each day based on the needs of his people. Some days he gathered food with his mother, and others he stalked the underbrush in pursuit of prey with his father. His tasks depended on what was needed at the time, and he was productive for at least a few hours each day. He also spent a good deal of time in play – swimming with and running races against his siblings and cousins, practicing the use of weapons for hunting and defense from enemies, and playing elaborate games meant to sharpen his senses and strengthen his body. From time to time, he was even asked to stand watch and keep an eye out for the goblins that liked to attack his clan hold without warning.

While he was out hunting one day, a gang of slavers captured Vondal and sold him into the service of a rich merchant. After years of toil, he escaped and now runs free. Although civilization proved intriguing, the lure home was too great. He returned to find the slavers had not stopped with him. Almost his entire clan had been taken. Vondal remains one step ahead of the slave lord’s bounty hunters, and by improving his skills he hopes to one day foil their pursuit once and for all. Once he has slain the slave lords and burned their fortress to the ground he hopes to found a new clan hold peopled by those he frees from the chains.

Vondal willingly and even eagerly puts his life on the line for a greater purpose – to grow in power enough to free those captured by the slave lords. He is willing to die to further this purpose, and in fact expects to do so. However, he refuses to die in vain – his death must have a greater meaning, and it must inspire others to greatness.

Vondal Augustus "Stonewall" Lotharan

Heredis scion