Jarin Lotharan - Canith


Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Jarin knew very little about living a common life. No matter what her interests, she had the best instructors. She had servants and soldiers who jumped to do her bidding and ensured her safety. The only higher authority she had to answer to was her family – particularly her parents, who were so busy with the administration of her birthright that they left her education and upbringing to trusted servants.

As a child, Jarin toured the countryside from the back of a pillow-laden carriage, sipping freshly squeezed fruit juice from an ice-chilled carafe. She spent entire days taking lessons in the warmth and comfort of her personal chambers. When she was not pursuing her own education, she diverted herself with games, music, theater, and flirtations. She attended elegant parties dressed all in silk, with properly coifed hair and manicured nails. Above all, she spent countless hours at the court, observing her parents presiding over those who served them, settling disputes, passing edicts, and handing down judgments. Some said she was blessed from birth, but she believed that the simple fact of her presence bestowed a blessing on others.

Her family’s fall from grace was not noble, but sinister. Her father betrayed his liege and sold out to a foreign power. When his scheme was uncovered, her family was stripped of title, wealth, and land. She had to travel in secret and ventured far from home because the mere mention of her name is enough to incite a hostile response in her fellow citizens. The most sinister part, however, is that her father died in dishonor for crimes he did not commit. The real villains managed to disgrace and destroy a man of justice. Jarin now adventures to restore her family’s good name and avenge her losses while avoiding the agents of the man who ruined her family.

Jarin cannot go home. She is a wanted criminal on the run. She is a member of a dishonored family. She is a political exile opposed to those currently in power. If she can restore the honor of her family and prove the guilt of the people who did this, perhaps the banishment will be lifted.

Jarin Lotharan - Canith

Heredis scion